An accidental leader

I don’t really remember when I became a leader.  I’m not sure I asked for it; nor had a conversation where it was offered.  It just happened.  There wasn’t a training course, or an exam.

There wasn’t really a clear time before.  So here I am.  I am in middle-age.  I’ve worked, in one form or another for the past 30 years.  I’m lucky.  I’ve had my fair share of experiences, both good and bad.  I’ve had a variety of interesting and not so interesting jobs.  Some work was to make ends meet.  Some work as a passion.  Through all of this I’ve learned.

I’m relentlessly curious.  I’m magpie’ish in the acquisition of the new be it: the latest thinking, the latest technology or the latest entertainment.  I’m also a writer.  I find that, through writing, I can understand the world better.

The purpose of this blog is to work what it means to be a leader today.  I’ll use myself and my experiences as the basis of working this out.  The views are my own. They won’t be right or wrong; it’s opinion.

One thing I’ve learned; leadership is an art.  It is a way in which you connect with others to get something done.  It’s a way of inspiring.  It’s a way of getting the best out of the group you are in.

Leadership is everywhere: in the work place, at home, in any kind of team or any type of gathering.  Leadership is necessary when there is you and at least one other person.  One of you, whether you like it or not, will be leading the group.  Won’t you?


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