“I like the bumps” said the five year old to his Dad as he cycled over the cobbled street on his way to school.  That got me thinking about a typical day.  There are always bumps; things that you didn’t expect and didn’t plan for.  I have had more than one boss or superior say to me “bring me the answer and not the problem” and found my inner voice suggesting that if I’d had a crystal ball I could had done so…

I used to plan meticulously.  I find safety in planning.  Security to assure the mis-guided superior.  A way of reassuring my team that I knew what I wanted.

In some roles I’ve been able to plan out my day and (at least in my mind) and look back  smug that it’s turned out the way I expected.  I don’t think many days went that way and they were dull.  At one point my job was so staid that I could write the project team minutes of a meeting before it took place; with only a few amendments to reflect the content from the actual meeting rather than the one I imagined.  That’s when I woke up from my work-sleepwalking.

I craved and continue to crave interest and the unusual.  I realised that, somehow I need to reconcile the tension between wanting control and wanting interest.

In the end the decision was made for me.  I was asked to take on an additional project.  I became so time constrained that I had to properly prioritise and properly delegate.  I could only attend to the very important.  It felt like riding a rollercoaster.  I felt alive.

My work, since then, has always been engaging somedays are like a roller-coaster and others like walking on a cobbled street.  I worry when it’s not.   Perhaps I too, like the bumps.

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