Season’s greetings

Season’s greetings to you and yours.

December is a wild month for many people.  On reflection, I like it.  But I’ll only say that when I’ve screeched to a halt and am curled up on a sofa on Boxing Day watching a movie or reading a book.


It’s the end of the year.  It’s the month where the thank yous are done, to clients, to  colleagues, to your friends and to your family.

At the start of the month there’s usually the round of end of year meetings.  Many of these take stock of the year and the progress that’s made.  Usually there is something to celebrate.

Then there are the Christmas parties.  The most pleasant are convivial.  A time to bring together the people you hold near and dear; whatever the context. It’s frantic.  The diary is full.  There is pressure to complete everything ‘before the end of the year’.  There are presents to buy, events to organise, cards to write and the list gets longer and longer.  The days stretch into the nights.

Then finally, after the parties.  After the dash to get the final shopping done.  After the presents have been unwrapped and the food eaten there is the pause.  There is a chance to take stock and reflect.

The most successful leaders will set aside their anxieties about the work not done and the grievances not yet resolved.  They will raise a glass to their colleagues and take a moment to remember and recognise the successes. The large ones and the small.

What are these successes?

What are the smaller ones you could have forgotten?

Congratulations and well done.


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