Small acts of kindness

I worked at the HQ of one of the leading UK supermarkets a few years ago.  It was a bright, busy and buzzy environment.  There were some really simple things that they did well.   There were pin badges that people were awarded for length of service, for specific projects or other initiatives.  Everyone took pride in wearing their badges on their lanyards.

The company values were placed on posters around the offices.  There were also certain daily and weekly rituals that the teams followed.  Also, there were no offices.  This egalitarianism helped to encourage communication and cooperation.

The one thing that sticks with me was the concept of the TNTs.  Tiny Noticeable Things.  Small acts of kindness.  The idea was that the details are things that people remember and have the potential to go off (like a bomb) if they aren’t right.  The expectation was that you would treat customers or colleagues with consideration and respect.   People remember how they feel about you; not what you say.


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