Goals and rewards

Happy New Year.

Day 2, 2018.  My newsfeeds are awash with guidance on taking stock and making resolutions.  It’s as good a time as any, in my view, to look at how life is going and to set goals.  I try to review goals on a quarterly basis but it’s largely been an ad hoc affair.  The problem is that I forget to write down my goals in any useful way.  I then mis-remember them and beat myself up for not making progress.  This is irrational as I’ve most likely forgotten the original goal and am focussing on a variation of the goal.

I usually have a variety of goals from keeping fit through to developing my career.  It’s a long, long list.  Most of them require ongoing and regular attention rather than being a one-off project such as painting the bathroom.  That’s when I get side-tracked…

I couldn’t start my day with my planned Yoga practice because I had an early flight to catch.  Another day passes and another perfectly valid reason…  Then I’m out of the routine.  I lose sight of the goal and ultimately forget it altogether.  And repeat.

Recently I was introduced to a model for goal setting that asks you to consider the goal and the reward.  I hadn’t thought of goals in that way before.  I like the balance.  I like the requirement to balance the goal and the reward.  It’s also more complex – so you have to sit and think about the question rather than put down a random list of stuff.

I worked through the exercise the other day.  As a result I’ve adapted the model I was shown to the one that’s in the example below.  In looking at the goal and the reward it forced me to look holistically rather than focus on only one area e.g. only career goals.  I’ve ended up with  a goal associated with: health, one on wellbeing, one on relationships, one on financial and so on.

I’ll check on progress in April.  My fingers are crossed that this will be a more rewarding and reinforcing approach than the ones I’ve used in the past.

 Goal  What are you going to do?


What do you need to do this?


 How will you know you’ve succeeded?


Why are you doing this?


Practice Yoga 10 minutes daily yoga practice
  • 10 minutes of free time
  • Space
  • Yoga Mat
  • Record yoga in a fitness ap
I’ll be stronger


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