Slips, trips and falls

Monday, not the easiest day in the world.  It rained all day.  I had mentally turned over a new leaf.  Less internal monologue about everything.  More positive outlook.  Not quite skipping to work but nearly.

I managed to get through the day.  It was hard.  Lots of work, not enough time for everything.  A certain amount of pressure.  The background, politics, gossip, weren’t helpful.  None of it, on its own was difficult.  It added up though.  I got through all of the day, left work late, again.  Stopped to get groceries on the way home.  One work bag, one bag of shopping.  Nearly home.  Bang.

I was on my knees.   I slipped on the wet pavement and then fell.  I didn’t have a free hand and sort of fell directly onto my knees.  Wow.  That hurt.  I realised I hadn’t broken anything.  I sat in a pool of water, knowing I had to get up, carry on. The pain was horrible.  I waited for it to subside.  crawled up onto my  feet.  Awkwardly.

I gingerly took a step forward, then another.  Testing the walking thing out again.  Slowly I made my way.  One step, then the next.  I made it home.  Ice on both knees.  Stopped.

I’m done – I said

What does that mean? – he asked

I want a duvet year…

But of course, there isn’t a duvet year.  There’s just the next day and then the one after that.  The next day  I cautiously made my way on my commute.  It took me a little more time to move around.  I got stuff done.  I was given sympathy… things weren’t so bad.  Various victories, friendly conversations, life carried on.

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