About me

I am a consultant, coach and writer.  I’ve spent the past twenty years working in leadership roles responsible for the design and implementation of IT enabled change.  I’ve worked across most industry sectors and have a preference for Business to Customer industries.  I typically focus on the design of new services and operating models that are enabled by IT solutions.

I’ve worked in retail, aviation, financial services, higher education, arts, government and healthcare.  What’s surprising is how similar each industry actually is. The changes that I am usually responsible for making are not about the IT but about how people work together.  Changing that is disruptive to people’s routines and whilst the change might be for the best it can be quite hard to get there.

There isn’t really a manual about leadership.  I’ve found that people develop their style based on their experiences and those who’ve influenced them.  This is my story.

I hope you find it useful

Kathryn Lewis